Want to urge obviate net and email muddle that will occupy house on your device? Get McAfee QuickClean and surf your favorite websites with none problem. This specialized net program diagnoses and removes the files that get hold on after you browse the net. These files is also within the style of cookies, net history, e-mail downloads, etc.


With McAfee QuickClean on your device, you’ll be able to take care of that your laptop is junk-free and your knowledge is safe. The dedicated security program includes lots of options that facilitate it to serve it’s perform properly. These options include:

Detects Spyware

Spyware is that the program that in secret accumulates your confidential knowledge whereas you surf the net. This harmful threat sends your data to the third-parties while not your consent. to stop you from such breaches, QuickClean (that gets activated through McAfee activate comes into action. It enhances your digital privacy by making a security defend around your device. Moreover, it makes the user aware that WHO is keeping a check up on their on-line activities.

Comes up with a Custom Rule Creation Wizard

By sanctioning customize file cleanup, the protection program by McAfee permits you to form a listing of files, folders, and drives that you simply ought to prevent from the prying eyes of the hackers. This wizard helps to form your automatic data processing system free from junks, temporary files, and different harmful files.

Enhanced net cleansing

When you quit any browser, there are bound files that continue running within the background. to form positive your laptop gets freed from these unwanted background files and processes, McAfee QuickClean initiates the net cleansing.

Availability of QuickClean light

If your device is running out of the house, then install McAfee QuickClean light, which incorporates all the advantages of McAfee QuickClean.

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