McAfee Internet Security Steps to download, install, and activate

Now-a-days, the entire computer users are highly attracted towards the internet world and thus, as a result of this increased internet usage the percentage of getting attacked by some online threats have been increased much higher. Thus, to keep the users’ device safe and secure from becoming a victim of such online threats or some phishing attack, many company software company like McAfee has launched its online security solutions.

Some of the popular McAfee Activate online security solutions designed by McAfee are as follows: McAfee Internet Security, McAfee Total Protection, McAfee Anti-Virus, McAfee Virus Scan and many more. All the McAfee Activate products have been included with various advanced features like firewall, on-access scanning, anti-malware, anti-phishing attacks, and many more that made it possible for the software to attain an impressive result among its users.

How to get the McAfee Internet Security to the device?

To get the McAfee Activate product of Internet Security to the device, follow the steps detailed below of McAfee download and install:

  1. Access the link as: with the web browser installed to the device.
  2. Here, move to the product page and then, select the McAfee activate product of McAfee Internet Security.
  3. Followed by clicking the “Buy Now and Download” button and making the payment using any of the available payment modes.
  4. Once the payment has been made successfully by the users, login to the McAfee Account using the credentials associated with it.
  5. Here, go to the “Subscription” section, followed by selecting the purchased product of McAfee Activate product.
  6. And then, select the type of device on which the users are willing to install the McAfee Activate product.
  7. At last, tap the “Download” button. Thus, the McAfee Activate setup gets downloaded to the Downloads” folder of the device.
  8. Move to the “Downloads” folder and select the McAfee Activate setup file by double clicking on it.
  9. And then, tap the “Yes” button, when prompted. Thus, the installation process will get initiated to the device.
  10. Wait until it gets successfully installed to the device.

How to activate the McAfee Internet Security to the device?

By following the below mentioned steps of McAfee activate product of McAfee Internet Security using the McAfee MIS Activation License Keycode:

  1. Launch the application of McAfee Activate product of McAfee Internet Security to the device.
  2. To do so, either clicks its icon on the desktop or on the taskbar.
  3. Move to the “Activate” section and enter the McAfee Activation License keycode within the space being offered to the users.
  4. At last, click the “Activate” button. Thus, the McAfee Internet Security product gets successfully activated to the device.
  5. Now, the McAfee Activate product of Internet Security can be used for offering the protective layer to the users’ device and data against the online threats like virus attacks, spyware, malware or many more.

The users may call the McAfee Customer Support on the toll-free number, if they are facing some issues while performing the aforementioned steps to get and McAfee activate the McAfee Internet Security to the device.